Offered at a lower rate than physiotherapy,
these are not generally covered by benefits plans.

Mobility Massage

AKA Thai Massage, this includes assisted stretches,
healing energy work, and pressure point release.
It’s done on a soft floor mat with bolsters & blankets.
Both practitioner & receiver are clothed & oil-free.

Calm your nerves & increase your range of motion
with a profoundly relaxing & enjoyable treatment,
given by a skillful, strong & sensitive practitioner.


Private Yoga Classes

I am a classically trained yoga teacher of 12 years,
former studio owner, & founder of Full Lotus Yoga.
I practice & teach Yin, Hatha, & Vinyasa styles.

Enjoy beautiful music, peaceful silences,
clear instruction, & flowing sequences.
Stretch, stabilize, energize & relax
for a healthier body & a clearer mind.


Strength & Fitness Training

Calisthenics translates as “beautiful strength”,
which it creates with little to no equipment.

For healthy-ish beginners, in the gym or at home,
I offer fitness tutoring & workout program design.
For any lifter, I’ll teach safe & effective technique,
& give practical advice for consistency & results.